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    Since they get some pretty nice bonuses to Ashigaru units, I was wondering if just mobbing the enemy with cheap units would be a viable tactic.
    21 Jun 2013
    20 Mar 2011 Thread: The Oda Campaign Guide and at the Legendary difficulty! at the same day! i’am just kidding lol your are the next Shogun of japon.
    I may have only started one campaign with the Oda but when my lonely stronghold was attacked by enemies from both direction it caused8 Jun 2011 [This guide was based on a play through on N/N long campaign, prior to the but this may be a carry-over from the original Shogun Total War. 2) Defeat the Saito army besieging your capital and then the Tokugawa army.
    12 Sep 2015
    22 Nov 2016
    15 Nov 2012 Anyone else think the Oda are annoying ? It seems every campaign I do the Oda ruin everything. I try to expand my territories, build armies then
    Oda Legendary first 15 turns walk through Please note I’ve speed up Lol serious if you make a guide then make it until you win the campaign i must admit Its all about experienced how AI do in Shogun 2 and how skilled
    For Total War: Shogun 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic I’ve recently beaten an unmodified Legendary campaign as Oda and

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