So awesome to be able to get our hands on this limited release! A collaborative effort from Manifest Distilling and pulling together sourced product to be able to release while the distillery patiently waits for their own juice!

They were able to taste through 12 different barrels of 9 yr old high rye bourbon and the result is the Manifest Whiskey Project! 

“We selected five barrels that we felt stood out on their own. We also found that there were seven barrels that blended well together. This was a crazy process to try so many different barrels and variations trying to figure out what worked best. But, I’m pleased with the results.” – Blake Riber(

The bottle we received is from barrel #4:

👃: Very light with some sweetness, almost undetectable.
👅: Vanilla followed by the high rye and some earthy raspberry note on the backend.
🏁: Drops off quick with gentle oak and berry left in the back of your throat.

All around very interesting pour and has more character than the average high rye bourbon. The nose kind of hides what the juice will taste like and then the taste jumps out at you. The design of the bottle is homerun as well! Kind of a modern wine bottle look and feel.


Michael Inglima

Michael Inglima

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