Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey

Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey is the latest celebrity whiskey to enter the marketplace and honestly we were skeptical…that is until we tried it! Heaven’s Door Rye accompanies a Tennessee Bourbon as well as a Double Barrel Whiskey in the Heaven’s Door lineup, which was created in partnership with Bob Dylan. As I’m sure you can guess they got the name from his classic song “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” Currently they source all of their whiskey from Tennessee and Indiana but they are currently constructing a distillery in Nashville and are expected to begin production in late 2019.

Just Tell Me About The Bottle Damn It!

Heaven’s Door Straight Rye is a 92 proof, 6 year rye whiskey with a 95% rye mashbill that is sourced from MGP in Indiana. Once the whiskey is aged a minimum of 6 years it is then finished in toasted oak cigar barrels from Vosges, France. They believe this finishing process results in a smoother and more approachable whiskey, let’s find out.

Tasting Notes: Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey

Appearance: In the glass it’s lighter in color than I expected, most likely due to being cut down to 92 proof but the nose isn’t hampered too much from being diluted.

Nose: The first thing I get is some clove and herbal notes that accompanies what I can only describe as the starchy aroma of cereal, not a sugary cereal but corn flakes or something similar, that smell you get when you first pour them into the bowl before you add milk. After a couple minutes that graininess fades away and a sweet orange peel starts to emerge and I finally detect some of the tobacco notes I’ve been searching for although they are much more subdued than I expected considering the secondary aging.

Palate: On the palate I get some mild pepper and clove that spreads into a strong citrus and mint. The mouthfeel is also oiler than I expected at only 92 proof. Second sip is more citrus forward with a butterscotch like sweetness, actually a bit on the sweeter side for a rye, definitely something I would recommend if your newer to the category but seasoned rye drinkers might find it cloying.

Finish: The finish is relatively short with some notes of mint and dill of course accompanied by the ever-prevalent orange peel. You feel it in your chest slightly after swallowing but there is no “burn” as is goes down.


All in all this is a darn good whiskey and worlds better than what I was expecting. When I first heard about Bob Dylan coming out with a whiskey I thought it would be similar to when Drake came out with his (Sorry Drake but if you’re reading this it’s too late) and as it turns out I’m actually a big fan of this rye! I’ll be on the lookout for a bottle in my area to add to my collection, unfortunately right now it’s only available in California, Illinois, Florida, New York, Tennessee and Texas but it’ll be expanding as soon as they can increase production.

Final Score

Good or Bad? Good! I think this is a perfect rye for someone who has been drinking bourbon for awhile and wants to expand their palate or someone who just wants a more approachable rye to sip on.

Worth Buying again? We were lucky enough to receive a media sample of this but I would have no problem paying $79 for a bottle. MGP rye is getting harder and harder to find nowadays.

MSRP: $79 but can vary by market, it’s been seen it from $69 to $89 in Florida.


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