“Nothing is so musical as the sound of pouring bourbon for the first drink on a Sunday morning.”

Carson McCullers

Review: Booker’s 2017-01 “Tommy’s Batch”

Booker’s 2017-01 “Tommy’s Batch” Towards the end of last year we all witnessed a rumor come to light. Beam Suntory announced a price hike and a reduction in the number of batches of our beloved Booker’s Small Batch being released each year. Thankfully, with 2017’s first Booker’s release “Tommy’s Batch”, we’ve got confirmation that the […]

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Bourbon Review: Blade and Bow

Blade and Bow is a whiskey I have wanted to try ever sine I first heard of it. Diageo owns this brand and while there are those out there who don’t like Diageo for being such a conglomerate, usually including myself, I am a fan of this offering from them. Blade and Bow is sourced […]

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You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello

  As we pass the midway point of 2018, the bourbon world is still in a golden age of growth. We are even seeing the beginnings of what happened in the craft beer movement – new competition and experimentation. Leading the movement and carrying the flag is none other than “The Nicest Guy in Whiskey,” […]

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Autumn Manhattan

While you wait for the turkey to cook, break out the mixing glass and craft this classic cocktail with a holiday season spin.  Ingredients 2 oz Rye Whiskey (I’m using Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye) 1 oz Sweet Vermouth 2 teaspoons Pumpkin Butter (…Trader Joes)  1 bar poon Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup (or regular maple […]

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The Indian Old Fashioned

India inspired Old Fashioned! Traditional & international flavors collide to birth this wonderful cocktail! – 3 Pinches of ground Jaggery – 2 small slices of Turmeric root – 3 dashes angostura bitters – 2 parts Michters Bourbon – 2 small orange slices Add Jaggery, the 3 dashes of bitters, and muddle Turmeric root slices. Add […]

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